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Each print is strictly limited to a run of only 100 copies!

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The inclusion of the frame is part of both the product and its cost.


Introducing our new print, "NEXT DESTINATION".

 "To travel far, or to get stuck in your own situation. Always find a next destination". 

This stunning photograph captures the essence of what London is truly famous for - its iconic red double-decker buses. Against the backdrop of the city's skyline, including the shining London Eye, this print perfectly captures the bustling energy of London.


Limited Edition

With only 100 pieces available for every print, you truly buy a product that has value. Each piece is hand-signed and numbered by the photographer Dante Janssens, making it a truly unique and exclusive item.

The Frame

The print is beautifully framed with acrylglass, ensuring that it will be showcased at its full potential. The frame and glass are designed to protect the print and enhance its beauty, making it a perfect addition to any space.

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