Biking in Barcelona: Creating Your Space

Biking in Barcelona: Creating Your Space

Hello everyone! My name is Dante Janssens, and I am the founder of Perlagente. I take all the pictures featured on the site. Each week, I will share the story behind one of these pictures.


Although Barcelona is a very big city, it seems to be a bit crowded most of the time. You would think that it is normal for a city to be crowded, but in cities like Vienna and Zürich this isn’t the case at all.


With crowded cities, people always try to make their own space as valueable as possible . Not just within their houses, but on the public street aswell.


Take this biker for example. Although Barcelona is not really that known for their bike friendly streets, I happened to see a lot of bicycles lanes.


In the biker’s case, he had to create his own space due to the crowded street having no bike lane. With that, that space he has created for himself is the most valueable of the whole street.


In the end, creating your own space is the most important that you have to do in order to advance in life. It is a very valuable tool to have.
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