A Spontaneous Journey to Zürich: Capturing the Beauty and History of the City

A Spontaneous Journey to Zürich: Capturing the Beauty and History of the City

Hello everyone! My name is Dante Janssens, and I am the founder of Perlagente. I take all the pictures featured on the site. Each week, I will share the story behind one of these pictures.

When my best friend and I initially discussed cities to shoot, Zürich was one of the first to come to mind. Its breathtaking location between the mountains makes it one of the top photoshoot cities in Europe. However, with a low budget, we feared it would be too expensive to start with Zürich, given its high cost of living.

While brainstorming ideas for New Year's Eve, we stumbled upon a spontaneous plan to celebrate in a new city with unfamiliar people. As we drove, we gradually came to the conclusion that Milan would be our destination. But with extra time on our hands, we decided to stop at another city to capture more photos for our collection. To our surprise, that city turned out to be Zürich.

Despite our limited time in the city, I made the most of it and captured as many photos as I could. I didn't want to miss this opportunity, as I knew we might not have the chance to return to Zürich.

One of my proudest shots from the trip was "THE BIG STEPPERS," which showcases both the expensive and historical aspects of the city, with its blue trams and mountains adding the final touch. 

Good things come for those who take chances, don't miss them.

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