The Story Behind 'ACROSS THE RIVER.': Discovering the Modernization of Amsterdam

The Story Behind 'ACROSS THE RIVER.': Discovering the Modernization of Amsterdam

Hello everyone! My name is Dante Janssens, and I am the founder of Perlagente. I take all the pictures featured on the site. Each week, I will share the story behind one of these pictures.

Photographing Amsterdam was not something I had initially desired to do. Being someone who visits Amsterdam regularly, I had grown accustomed to its appearance and much of it had become monotonous. Hence, I was taken aback when I saw a lot of people from all over the world admiring the city and its long-standing culture on social media. After a walk from Amsterdam Centraal to Rokin, I realized it was time for a homegame.

Amsterdam is a small and densely populated city. With a high demand for housing from both local and foreign newcomers, the prices have skyrocketed to a level where it is not feasible for newcomers to afford their own place.

When I and my friend Damian Kamp decided to capture the city through photography, I attempted to capture what makes the city unique. While Amsterdam has many historical sites, I wanted to capture something that represents its modernization. However, it proved to be challenging to find such subjects in tourist hotspots.

After shooting much of the city and capturing some amazing compositions, I was still searching for that one picture that could represent the new generation of Amsterdam and its growth and newfound strength.

It turns out that the composition I was searching for was not far from where we started. Across the river from Amsterdam Centraal, new and modern apartments are being built, symbolizing the modernization of Amsterdam and its people.

Like most things, time is the solution to many problems. Let's hope that it works in our favor.

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