Discovering Love and History in Milan: A Photographic Journey

Discovering Love and History in Milan: A Photographic Journey

Hello everyone! My name is Dante Janssens, and I am the founder of Perlagente. I take all the pictures featured on the site. Each week, I will share the story behind one of these pictures.

I'd like to start by thanking everyone for their amazing support over the past week. It's been great to see so much love in the world.

With Valentine's Day approaching, this week's blog is all about love. I'd like to introduce you to a lovely couple I photographed in Milan.

Milan is a city with rich history and stunning landmarks. My initial plan was to capture these landmarks from unique angles to showcase the city. But as soon as I stepped out of the metro and onto the Duomo square, I realized that the people who live in Milan are what make it truly special and one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen.

As I gradually shifted my focus to capturing the people of Milan, I came across this elderly couple walking arm in arm towards a beam of light. I knew it would be a great shot as soon as I saw it. It truly shows a connection, not just to eachother but also to the city and its history.

To me, the couple embodies Milan’s rich history. As time moves on, you too will become part of history. Better have someone to share it with.

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