A Damaged Statue: Reflections on Mental Health

A Damaged Statue: Reflections on Mental Health

Hello everyone! My name is Dante Janssens, and I am the founder of Perlagente. I take all the pictures featured on the site. Each week, I will share the story behind one of these pictures.


While walking through the beautiful city of Amsterdam, my focus was mainly on capturing some of the landmarks and people with my camera. However, during a break for food, I came across this statue just outside of Dam Square that immediately caught my attention.

What I find most interesting about this statue is the way it has been damaged. Its head is half cut off, both arms are missing, and there is some pigeon waste on its chest. Despite being damaged by its environment, it just keeps on standing. It doesn't move or tell you it's been hurt. It just stands there.

I couldn't help but wonder what stories this statue could tell if it could speak. How long has it been standing here, weathering the elements and the passage of time? And yet, despite all of the wear and tear, it remains a striking and powerful symbol of resilience and strength.

To me, this statue represents the mental health of a human being. While others may see it differently, I believe the statue can be used as a motivator. No matter what life throws at you, you put your chin up and keep going.

Life will always test you in it's own different ways. It's on you to choose on how to handle that.


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